COVID-19 independent adoptions reinstatement of in person requirements

Effective immediately, all in person requirements related to adoption specialist visits in the Independent Adoption that were waived in ACL 20-56, summarized here, are reinstated.  Remote visits can only occur if the state, county, or city public health department in the geographical area in which the petitioner(s) resides provides direction to halt in person contact and/or shifts back to Stage 1, the petitioner(s) refuses entry due to their own health and safety concerns related to the risk of COVID-19 infection or the petitioner(s), child, or someone else in the household has been exposed to, is experiencing symptoms of, or has tested positive for, COVID-19.

Other flexibilities in ACL 20-56 can continue for the duration of the Governor’s Declared State of Emergency due to COVID-19, unless a future EO or CDSS guidance ends or modifies it sooner.  (ACL 20-92, August 10, 2020.)