Using corrected CalWORKs amount to determine CalFresh overissuance

The California Department of Social Service (CDSS) has provided clarification that when determining the amount of a CalFresh overissuance or underissuance, the county must use the CalWORKs and CalFresh amount that the household should have received if the household has correctly reported and the county had taken timely action.  For example, if a household has income that was not considered when determining the CalWORKs and CalFresh grants, the CalFresh overissuance is determined using the corrected amount of CalWORKs as income, that is, the lower CalWORKs grant caused by the increase in income.

ACIN I-16-05 is incorrect and is corrected by this letter.  ACL 03-18 is correct.

Households with established claims as of the release of this letter may request a recalculation using the correct methodology.  (ACIN I-05-16E, August 13, 2020.)