CalFresh Water Pilot

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has issued guidance for the CalFresh water pilot, which is a time-limited supplemental benefit to CalFresh households that live in a disadvantaged community, and receive drinking water from a public water system that does not meet primary drinking water standards.

Based on workgroup recommendations, the pilot will take place in two zip codes in Kern County, 93241 and 93203.  CalFresh recipients living in those zip codes at the beginning of the pilot can be eligible.  Based on workgroup recommendations, the benefit will be $50 per month per household.  The pilot will last for 12 months, and will be completed by November, 2021.  CDSS estimates 6,147 households will be eligible for the pilot.

The pilot also includes creation and automation of a flexible benefit issuance mechanism in CalSAWS that can be used in the future for purposes beyond the initial pilot.  (ACL 20-97, September 2, 2020.)