COVID-19 CalFresh Employment and Training supportive services and equipment

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has issued guidance regarding provision of equipment and supportive services to CalFresh employment and training (E & T) participants, particularly in response to COVID-19.

Counties and state partners can purchase necessary equipment for use by CalFresh E & T participants.  Equipment purchased by a county, state partner, or third-party partner may include laptops, cell phones, and other computer equipment to be loaned to participants for programs that require remote access such as distance learning.

Supportive services assist participants with overcoming barriers that prevent participation in CalFresh E & T.  Providers are required to pay directly or reimburse CalFresh E & T participants for expenses that are reasonable, necessary and directly related to participation upon presentation of appropriate documentation.  Reimbursable supportive services include dependent care costs, transportation, uniforms, personal safety items, books or training materials, and internet or telephone services.

Personal protective equipment necessary to engage in CalFresh E & T, when not provided by an employer, is covered, including personal protective equipment, hard hats, non-slip shoes, cloth face coverings and protective gloves for use during COVID-19 consistent with public health guidance.  (ACL 20-125, November 17, 2020.)