CalWORKs Home Visiting Program questions and answers

The California Department of Social Services has issued questions and answers about the CalWORKs Home Visiting Program.  A few of the questions and answers address services to clients.

Diapers and wipes can be considered a material good that the $500 Material Goods allowance can be used but only when diapers are not already being provided by the CalWORKs program.  Home Visiting Program finds cannot be used to supplant services already being provided through Welfare-to-Work.

Home Visiting Program services can be transferred to another county when requested by the client.  Home Visiting Program services can be terminated in the first county and the client can request services in the new county.  Counties may work collaboratively to continue services for a client upon notification that a client is moving to a new county.  If a county Home Visiting Program is at capacity, they will not be able to take on new clients.  Services will terminate if the client moves to a county that does not have a Home Visiting Program.

Non-needy relatives of foster children are eligible for CalWORKs Home Visiting Program services.

KinGap recipients are not eligible for Home Visiting Program services.  (ACIN I-80-20, November 17, 2020.)