End of the proposed ABAWD rule

The United States Department of Agriculture has withdrawn its appeal of the injunction blocking implementation of changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP — CalFresh in California) Able Bodied Adults Without Dependants (ABAWD) rule.  In general, ABAWD rule requires adults who are age 18-49, able to work, and do not have dependents limits benefits to 3 months within a 3 year period unless they are working, enrolled in a work program, or participating in some combination of those two for 80 hours each month.  The proposed rule would have greatly expanded the number of people covered by the ABAWD rule by limiting states waivers of the ABAWD rule.  The new rules were enjoined by the District Court for the District of Columbia.  The abandonment of the appeal of that injunction means that the new rule is now dead.

Note that the ABAWD rule is currently suspended nationwide until June 30, 2021 because of COVID-19.  (United States Department of Agriculture Press Release, March 24, 2021.)