Treatment of the Golden State Grant for Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants recipients

The Golden State Grant Program provides a $600 one-time grant payment to Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants (CAPI) recipients. The $600 one-time payment applies to all CAPI recipients who had an active CAPI case and received a CAPI payment in March 2021.

Beginning on May 24, 2021, payments will be sent out by paper check weekly by zip code. These payments are not counted as income for recipients and will not count toward the resource limit for 12 months from the payment receipt. The payment is not included in CAPI overpayment rules.  The California Department of Social Services State Hearings Division does not have jurisdiction regarding issues eligibility for and payment of the Golden State Grant.  (ACL 21-57, May 21, 2021.)

Correction: based on updated guidance from the Social Security Administration, the Golden State Grant Payment is excluded from being counted as income and resources.  (ACL 21-57E, August 11, 2021.)