COVID-19 – extension of temporary emergency childcare services

This California Department of Education has provided updated guidance on the extension of temporary Emergency Childcare services.  This guidance replaces Management Bulletin 20-14.  

Families currently enrolled in Emergency Childcare through California Alternative Payment Programs (CAPP) and California Migrant Alternative Payment Programs (CMAP) may have service extended through June 30, 2022. This extension does not require updated documentation. CAPP and CMAP can enroll new families for Emergency Childcare after all families who are currently enrolled have received an extension of services, and if they meet the eligibility requirements as specified in the Child Care and Development Services Act, Education Code section 8200. They will be enrolled in priority order, and eligibility will be determined with a self-certification process.

Families enrolled in emergency childcare must be assessed a family fee using the Fiscal Year 2020-21 Family Fee Schedule unless they are exempt from fees.  A monthly family fee is implemented based on several factors in the MB. Families who receive Child Protective Services or have been identified as at risk of abuse or neglect will be exempt from fees.

All eligible families enrolled in emergency childcare have priority for subsidized child care. Families transitioning to ongoing child care services are eligible for 12 months from ongoing child care certification. Contractors will give a letter or Notice of Action to notify families of their extended child care. They must also give families a written 30 day notice of discontinuation of child care.

Contractors will not be responsible for verifying self-certification forms or eligibility. At-risk families and families with essential workers are eligible for emergency childcare if they meet all of the requirements in the MB. (MB 21-08, April 29, 2021.)