Treatment of Golden State Grant payments received by foster care benefits recipients

The Golden State Grant Payment (GSGP) provides a $600 payment to individuals who received an SSI or SSP payment in March 2021. Payments are being issued via paper checks and were sent weekly from May 24, 2021 through the end of June 2021, based on zip code. For foster care recipients, the GSGP is not counted as income, or against the resource limit for 12 months, and shall not be used to offset the foster care maintenance payment.

When a GSGP for a foster youth is issued to a representative payee, funds should be given directly to the nonminor dependents (NMD) without restriction, unless the NMD has a conservator. For foster youth, funds will be given directly, depending on the age and development of the minor. They do not need to keep a receipt for their purchases, but if the funds go to the resource family, the family must keep an itemized receipt of what was spent.

When the county is the representative payee, funds should be deposited in a no cost, interest bearing account for the use and benefit of the child. The resource family will be informed of the funds. The county must keep an itemized record for the use of funds, and establish a method to disburse the funds upon release from foster care. The county may use these funds for the use and benefit of the child, as determined by the county. The funds may not be used for ordinary care and supervision or other foster-care related costs. (ACL 21-74, June 22, 2021.)