COVID-19 and CalWORKs Welfare-to-Work

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has provided continued guidance regarding Welfare-to-Work in response to COVID-19.  The Welfare-to-Work flexibilities in ACWDL September 1, 2020 remain in effect until the end of the Governor’s Declared State of Emergency.

Counties can issue blanket good cause from Welfare-to-Work requirements because of COVID-19.  This authority will end when the State of Emergency ends.  At that time, counties should continue using good cause and exemptions for clients experiencing health and economic impacts from COVID-19.

Electronic and telephonic signatures continue to be allowed, and will be an option after the State of Emergency ends.

Counties are encouraged to consider virtual meetings and appointments.  When scheduling appointments with clients, counties should provide as much flexibility as possible, including allowing virtual meetings.

Counties can immediately begin engaging clients in Welfare-to-Work.  This includes sanctions for non-compliance.  This includes review for good cause and exemptions, screening for barriers, and offering appropriate supportive services and barrier removal services.  (ACWDL, July 29, 2021.)