60-Month Time Limit implementation

The California Department of Social Services informs counties of a change in implementation of the change in implementation of the 60-Month CalWORKs time limit.  To the extent inconsistent with this policy, ACL 20-113 is superceeded.

Parents who meet the following conditions will be added to their assistance unit (AU) when the 60-Month time limit is implemented on May 1, 2022 or when the county welfare department computer system can perform the necessary automation:

  • They are living in the home with existing an CalWORKs AU but are not aided because of the CalWORKs time on aid limit, and
  • They are mandatorily included in the filing unit and included in the most recent statement of facts; and
  • They are joining an existing AU mid-period because of the 60-month time limit; and
  • They have not used 60 months of CalWORKs.

Persons who meet these criteria are to be added to the AU as a county initiated mid-period change.  No statement of facts is required to add these family members.  Child support cooperation is waived for 60 days for these persons added to the household. If needed, counties can request additional information to make an eligibility determination.  However, this should be rare because these formerly timed out persons are already on the Statement of Facts and required to verify eligibility factors.

Timed out individuals are optional or new household members must be added to the AU under the policy in ACL 20-113.

These policies will remain in effect for 120 days after the 60-month time limit becomes effective.

Counties must distribute the TEMP 3022 informing notice to all CalWORKs at least 90 days before the 60-month time on aid limit is implemented. Counties must also provide the TEMP 3022 to applicants and recipients at intake and annual recertification.  (ACL 21-89, August 12, 2021.)