COVID-19 vaccination requirement for In-Home Supportive Services workers

The State Public Health Officer has ordered that all In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) providers be vaccinated by November 30th 2021.  This requirement does not apply to IHSS providers who live with or are family members of the recipient.

To be eligible for these exemptions, the provider must only provide to a single household. If a provider services multiple households, the exemption does not apply and the provider must adhere to the vaccination requirement.

Providers may also be granted an exemption if they provide the recipient with a COVID-19 Vaccination Exemption Form signed by the provider either stating:

  • The provider is declining the vaccination based on religious beliefs; or
  • The provider is excused from receiving the vaccine due to an eligible medical reason (with an exemption form signed by a physician, nurse practitioner, or other licensed medical professional).

The recipient’s responsibilities include requesting documentation showing that the provider has been vaccinated or can provide an exemption form. The recipient is responsible for reviewing the exemption form and determining if the provider has met the criteria to meet one of the exemptions listed above.  A recipient may not enforce the vaccination requirement.

Once the recipient determines that the exemption is met, the unvaccinated provider must meet the requirements when entering or working in the recipient’s residence:

  • The unvaccinated provider must be tested weekly for Covid-19 with either an authentic PCR or antigen test.


  • The unvaccinated provider must always wear a surgical mask or respirator while in the home. Each county can distribute Essential Protective Gear to any IHSS recipient or provider who requests it.

The provider’s responsibilities include maintaining all records regarding their vaccination status, vaccination records, or documents showing their medical exemption status. If the provider is exempt, they are responsible for keeping records of their weekly testing results.  Providers who are not currently working with a recipient must show proof of their vaccination or their exemption when they are hired.  Providers may use their annual State sick leave, if eligible, to take time away from work to get vaccinated or tested for COVID-19 infection.

Notices to inform all IHSS providers who are not live-in providers or provide services to nonfamily members have been sent on October 2021 stating the new vaccination/exemption requirements.  (ACIN I-81-20, October 11, 2021.)