Foster Care new expectant parent payment

Beginning January 1, 2022, pregnant minors and nonminor dependents will be entitled to a payment made directly to them starting in the seventh month of pregnancy.  This payment is available to pregnant minors and nonminor dependents who receive AFDC-Foster Care or Adult Relative Caregiver benefits.

Prior to automation, this payment will be issued as a lump sum of $2,700.  When automation is finalized, an amount equal to the home-based foster care infant supplement will be paid monthly for the final three months of pregnancy.  Payments will not be automated until at least July 1, 2023.

The pregnant child or nonminor dependent cannot be required to submit any accounting or receipts to show how the funds are spent.  All items bought with these funds are property of the child or nonminor dependent and go with them when they change facility or age out.

Expectant parent payments are not available for children in the Adoption Assistance Program or the KinGAP program.

The expectant parent payment cannot be prorated and overpayments cannot be established or collected.  If the pregnancy is not identified before the seventh month, the child or nonminor dependent must still receive the entire three months of payment.

Counties should establish procedures for identifying and enrolling eligible children and nonminor dependents.  Counties should also identify opportunities in which case management workers can share information about this benefit.

Counties should request verification of pregnancy from a qualified medical professional.  (ACL 21-123, October 8, 2021.)