Approved Relative Caregiver benefits eligibility for out-of-state placements

The Adult Relative Caregiver (ARC) program provides payments on behalf of children and Non-Minor Dependants (NMDs) who are placed with approved relatives, but are not eligible for Aid to Families with Dependent Care-Foster Care payments, and meet other existing eligibility requirements. 

Effective January 1, 2022, ARC payments are available on behalf of children/NMDs in out-of-state placements with relatives when the children/NMDs are not eligible for AFDC-FC.

Homes must be licensed or approved in the receiving state consistent with the requirements of the state in which the home is located. The county placing agency is responsible for contacting the receiving state to determine these requirements. 

This ARC eligibility does not change a foster child or nonminor dependent’s (NMDs) eligibility to receive CalWORKs when placed in another state. If a child is placed in a state where the
host state’s foster care rate is lower than California’s CalWORKs grant for an Assistance Unit of one, then the relative caregiver can opt to receive CalWORKs instead of ARC. Counties should
inform caregivers of the option to receive CalWORKs payments or receive ARC.  (ACL 21-141, December 3, 2021 and ACL 21-141E, February 1, 2022.)

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