CalFresh reinstatement of benefits waiver extension

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has issued instructions regarding the approved extension of Food and Nutritional Services (FNS) waiver 2090046 which allows a household participating in CalFresh that has become ineligible for failure to complete semi-annual reporting or annual recertification to be made eligible again by remedying the problem within 30 days.

This extension continues current policy to reinstate the eligibility of a Non-Assistance CalFresh (NACF) household that becomes ineligible for benefits for failure to provide a report (SAR 7 for example). Reinstatement depeds on the household providing the missing report within 30 days of the effective date of ineligibility. Then, the county will reinstate the household for the remaining months of the certification period if the household still meets all eligibility requirements.  Benefits will be prorated beginning on the date the household takes the required action.

The waiver extension beings on July 1, 2022 and ends on June 30, 2027.

The conditions for the waiver are:

  • The household’s case must be in closed status;
  • Reinstatement depends on the applicant providing the required report, information, or verification within 30 days of the date of ineligibility;
  • The household has at least one month remaining in the certification period after the effective date of ineligibility;
  • The household must fully resolve the reason for the case closure and reestablish eligibility;
  • The household must still be eligible for benefits for the remaining months of the reinstatement period;
  • Benefits for the initial month of reinstatement must be prorated from the date household performed the required action; and
  • The county must retain the established recertification period.

This waiver does not change CalFresh information and verification requirements.  If a household is granted restoration of benefits, the county must send the CF 388 CalFresh Notice of Restoration Approval notice.  If restoration is denied, the county must send the CF 389 Notice of Denial of Restoration notice.  (ACL 22-51, June 22, 2022.)