Changes to expungement of CalFresh benefits

The California Department of Social Services has issued instructions regarding changes in expungement of CalFresh benefits.  Currently, CalFresh benefits are expunged from the Electronic Benefits Card when they have been available for 365 days and there has been no activity on the card.  Effective September 2022, the timeframe for expungement of CalFresh benefits from Electronic Benefits Card with no activity is reduced to 9 months.  Household must receive 30 days notice of the first time benefits are expunged.  Subsequent expungements do not require advance notice.

CDSS must verify death matches and give notice prior to expunging benefits because a household member has died.  This allows surviving household members to respond prior to expungement.  If all members of the household have died, CDSS must expunge all benefits.

If the adult household members and Electronic Benefits Transfer cardholder dies and there are children in the home, the benefits remain on the account and the account remains active.  The household must choose a new head of household or the county will choose one for the household.  A new Electronic Benefits Card will be issued to the new head of household.  (ACL 22-62, July 22, 2022.)