Cuban and Haitian Entrant eligibility for benefits programs

The California Department of Social Services has issued information regarding eligibility of Cuban/Haitian entrants for public benefits programs. 

Cuban/Haitian entrants may be eligible for Entrant Cash Assistance (ECA),. This refers to federally funded cash assistance available to those who do not meet the categorical requirements of other state/federal cash assistance programs. ECA follows the rules of the Refugee Resettlement Program. ECA applicants are not required to have a Social Security Number.

Cuban/Haitian entrants can be eligible for CalWORKs upon entry into the United States.  They must submit proof of applying for a Social Security Number within 30 days or have good cause for not applying for a Social Security Number.  Cuban/ Haitian Entrants who apply for or receive CalWORKs must be eligible for Homeless Assistance or the Housing Support Program (HSP). Cuban/Haitian Entrants can be eligible for Project Roomkey, the Bringing Families Home (BFH) program, the Housing and Disability Advocacy Program (HDAP), and/or the Home Safe program if they otherwise meet the eligibility requirements for each program.”

Cuban/Haitian entrants can be eligible for CalFresh immediately without a waiting period. Non-citizens who are eligible based on immigration status must meet all other requirements. These individuals are not eligible for the California Food Assistance Program while Entrant status is in effect because they are eligible for CalFresh.. 

Cuban/Haitian Entrants who are aged, blind, or disabled and meet income limits, may be eligible for SSI/SSP. Entrants are eligible for SSI for seven years. A Cuban/Haitian Entrant who is found ineligible for SSI because of their immigration status can be eligible for CAPI.

Cuban/Haitian Entrants who become eligible for ECA must meet work registration requirements.  Cuban/Haitian Entrants who do not have work authorization should be enrolled in services to help achieve self sufficiency.   (ACIN I-63-22, September 20, 2022.)