February 2023 emergency CalFresh allotment and end of emergency allotments

California has been approved to issue an emergency allotment of CalFresh for February. 2023.  All households will receive at least the maximum CalFresh allotment.  Households eligible to receive the maximum allowable allotment based on household size are now eligible to receive an emergency allotment of $95 per month. Households who are not eligible to receive the maximum allowable allotment based on household size, but whose emergency allotment would be less than $95 per month to receive the maximum allotment, will receive additional CalFresh benefits to raise their emergency allotment to the $95 minimum.

The emergency allotment will be issued on March 26, 2023.

The February, 2023 emergency allotment will be the last emergency allotment.  Beginning April 2023, CalFresh benefits will return to the regular amount listed on the most recent notice of action.  All CalFresh recipients are mailed an informing notice regarding the end of the emergency allotment.  CDSS is also doing a communications campaign to inform CalFresh recipients about the end of the emergency allotments

Counties are reminded that there are several income deductions, allowances, and exclusions that can help maximize household allotments while minimizing the impact of the end of emergency allotments.  These deductions include the earned income deduction, self-employment deduction, standard deduction, excess shelter deduction, homeless shelter deduction, standard utility allowance, limited utility allowance, telephone utility allowance, dependent care deduction, standard medical deduction, excess medical expense deduction, and child support exclusion.    (ACWDL, February 2, 2023.)