CalWORKS Home Visiting Program re-enrollment

The CalWORKs Home Visiting Program (HVP) pairs participants with a nurse or other trained professional who makes regular home visits to provide guidance, coaching, access to prenatal and postnatal care, and other health and social services.  Individual are eligible for HVP if 1) they are a member of a CalWORKs assistance unit, the parent or caretaker relative in a child- only CalWORKs case, a pregnant person who has applied for CalWORKs within 60 days of reaching the second trimester of pregnancy, or an individual who is apparently eligible for CalWORKS, and 2) The individual is pregnant, or the parent or caretaker relative of a child less than 24 months old at the time of enrolling in the program.

HVP participants may be eligible to re-enroll in HVP if they were unable to complete 24 months of services during their initial enrollment, and: 1) initial enrollment was discontinued because the child was removed from the assistance unit because of death of the child, termination of parental rights, or relinquishment of parental rights, 2) at the time HVP services were discontinued, there were no other eligible children in the assistance unit, 3) the family is now eligible for HVP with a new pregnancy or new eligible child, and 4) the evidence-based model that the county is using allows for participant re-enrollment.

Re-enrolled participants are eligible for services for 24 months, or until the new child turns two years old, whichever is later.  There is no limit on the number of times a participant can re-enroll in HVP.

When the initially eligible child is no longer part of the household, HVP services can continue if the participant has another child(ren) in the home and the evidence-based model allows for continued participation.  Their participation will end when they have received 24 months of services.

A household that is granted re-enrollment or continued enrollment is eligible for the remaining balance of their $1,000 material good fund from their initial enrollment.  (ACL 23-11, February 1, 2023.)