End of CAPI COVID-19 procedures

During COVID-19 counties could perform eligibility interviews electronically, and accept verbal attestation that the client applied for SSI.  Now that the COVID-19 State of Emergency is over, those procedures are no longer in effect.

Effective immediately, neither a face-to-face or virtual interview is required for CAPI if the application is signed and the county has verified all necessary information.  Counties can still require a face-to-face, phone, or virtual interview if they decide an interview is necessary.

Counties can no longer accept verbal attestation that a client has applied for SSI.  The CAPI applicant must provide either a denial letter or other communication from the Social Security Administration that their SSI application is denied because of immigration status, or verification that the applicant has filed a SSI application and it is pending a final determination.  (ACL 23-44, May 5, 2023.)