CalFresh Employment and Training Screening and Referral Requirement

Counties are responsible for screening and referral of CalFresh applicants and recipients to the CalFresh Employment and Training program as part of the certification process.  California Department of Social Services criteria for referral includes all CalFresh applicants and recipients who are interested in services.  Counties have flexibility to develop their own criteria for referral to CalFresh employment and training.

Counties can only administer employment and training programs to people who want to participate.  Counties cannot disqualify voluntary participants for failure to follow program rules, Applicants and recipients cannot be sanctioned or negatively affected because of non-participation.

If an individual was not screened or referred to CalFresh employment and training during certification, the individual or the employment and training program can ask the county to complete a screening and referral.  (ACL 23-34, March 28, 2023.)