CalFresh Elderly Simplified Application

California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has issued the new CalFresh Elderly Simplified Application, form CF 485.  The CF 485 is to be used by CalFresh applicants who are eligible for the Elderly Simplified Application Project (ESAP).  CalFresh households are eligible for ESAP if all household members are age 60 or older, and/or are people with disabilities, and the household has no earned income.

ESAP eligible household are not required to use the CF 485 form.  They can use any CalFresh application form and still be eligible for ESAP benefits such as extended certification period with no semi-annual reporting.

As with any other CalFresh application, the only information required to submit the CF 485 is name, address, and signature.

The CF 485 form must be available in the county welfare department office, and upon request.  The CF 485 is only a paper application and is not available in BenefitsCal.  (ACL 23-85, October 10, 2023.)