CalWORKs annual redetermination reminder notice

The California Department of Social Services has issued guidance regarding implementation of a reminder notice at annual recertification.  Counties must redetermine continuing CalWORKs eligibility every twelve months.  When recipients do not complete their annual redetermination by the 15th day of the month it is due, counties must send a discontinuance notice.  In addition, counties must try to make personal contact with the recipient by telephone, face-to-face, or, if the recipient has given consent, by text message or other electronic method.  If the county is unable to make personal contact, the county must document the attempt to make personal contact in the case file.

If the recipient does not complete their annual redetermination after the county has sent the discontinuance notice and attempted personal contact, the county must send a reminder notice to the recipient to complete their annual redetermination.  The county must send the reminder notice no later than five calendar days before the annual recertification is due.  This requirement to send a reminder notice is effective on July 1, 2024, or the date the new form notice is automated in CalSAWS, whichever is later.  (ACL 23-88, October 16, 2023.)