Changes to CalFresh Notices of Action

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has issued changes to three CalFresh Notices of Action: the Notice of Approval (CF 377.1), the Notice of Denial or Pending Status (CF 377.1A), and the Notice of Change for Semi-Annual Reporting Households (CF 377.4 SAR).

All three forms have been revised to 1) add a budget, 2) an explanation of both CalFresh and the California Food Assistance Program (food benefits for certain non-citizens who are lawfully in the United States but are ineligible for CalFresh because of immigration status), 3) a non-discrimination statement, and 4) a new denial reason that the applicant is ineligible for both CalFresh and the California Food Assistance Program.  Applicants who are found to be ineligible for CalFresh must be evaluated for California Food Assistance Program eligibility before being denied.

The CF 377.1 and CF 377.4 SAR have been revised to add a statement of the amount of the household’s Income Reporting Threshold, that is, the income level above which income changes must be reported in between semi-annual report or annual recertification.

The CF 377.1 has been revised to include a list of eligible persons, a list of individuals found to be ineligible, and the reasons for their ineligibility.

Automation is expected within 12 months of the release of this letter, but no later than October 1, 2025.  Counties must begin using the new revised notices when automation is completed. (ACL 23-79, September 29, 2023.)