Changes to the Home Safe program

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has issued guidance regarding changes to the Home Safe Program. Home Safe provides housing support services to older adults and dependent adults who are both at risk of homelessness, and who experience abuse, neglect, exploitation, or unable to care for their own needs interests.  The program is operated by counties and tribes with grant money from CDSS.

For Home Safe, grantees were required to provide dollar-for-dollar matching funds.  That requirement was waived beginning July 1, 2021.  That waiver is extended to June 30, 2025.

The definition of adult protective services was limited to meaning in Welfare and Institutions Code section 15610.10.  The definition of adult protective services is now expanded to include activities performed, in accordance with tribal law or custom, by tribes because of the potential for abuse or neglect.

The definition of older adult was limited to persons over age 60.  The definition of older adult is expanded to include individuals receiving services from a tribe within the age range established by the tribe for serving needy and vulnerable older adults.

Technical assistance about the Home Safe program is available to all grantees from CDSS.  (ACL 24-12, March 1, 2024.)