Changes to CalFresh Restaurant Meals Program

The CalFresh Restaurant Meals Program allows eligible household buy hot or prepared food at participating restaurants.  Eligible CalFresh participants are adults age 60 or over and their spouses, people with disabilities and their spouses, and people experiencing homelessness.

Because of recent guidance from the United States Department of Agriculture, the CalFresh Restaurant Meals Program is limited to household where all members of the household are eligible for it.  The only exception is spouses do not need to meet the age or disability criteria.  Households that include a member who does not meet the Restaurant Meals criteria (except for a spouse) are not eligible for the Restaurant Meals Program.  This change will be effective upon automation in the CalSAWS system, which is expected in early 2025.

After automation is completed, CalSAWS will identify existing households that are no longer eligible for Restaurant Meals and will terminate their access to it.

When automation is completed, any member of a household that is eligible for Restaurant Meals, including spouses, will be able to access the program.

When automation is completed, counties will be required to provide the CF 889 form to all households that are approved for or terminated from the Restaurant Meals Program.  (ACL 24-01, January 19, 2024.)