Changes to CalWORKs Home Visiting Program

The All County Welfare Directors Letter (ACWDL) has issued process changes regarding County Welfare Departments (CWD) and the CalWORKs Home Visiting Program (HVP). CalWORKs HVP is a voluntary program that supports the health, development, and education of parenting individuals and infants born into poverty. HVP participants must meet both of the following criteria:

  1. Either pregnant or the caretaker of a child less than 24 months of age at the time of program enrollment
  2. Either
    1. A member of a CalWORKs assistance unit; or
    2. The parent or caretaker relative for a child-only case; or
    3. Apparently eligible for CalWORKs aid

Following the 2024-2025 ACWDL letter, the process for continuing country participation in HVP programs has changed. CWD’s that opt to maintain CalWORKs HVP eligibility (while keeping the same evidence-based model) are no longer required to complete a county plan application on a annual basis. Bi-annual county plans are replaced by a directors certification. The CWD certification requires the following:

  1. Provide CWD primary contact information.
  2. Provide caseload projections.
  3. Confirm the evidence-based home visiting model for HVPs.
  4. List all home visiting partners and their primary contact information.
  5. Review mandatory criteria for implementing the program and any additional criteria.
  6. Agree to terms and assurances, including operating within relevant laws, regulations, program guidance, and the HVP county plan.

The process for new county participation in HVP has changed. CWDs must create a county plan and submit it to the CDSS. CWDs must work with home visiting partners to complete the application. This includes information about proposed and selected county partners and an explanation of how the partnership will provide the best services for CalWORKs recipients. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) must be submitted with the RFCP application. The MOU should list specific roles and responsibilities of the CWD and home visiting agencies, including data sharing, reporting, distribution, collection of consent forms, enrollment, outreach, and claiming of funds.

If CWDs choose to add or change the HVP plan on file with the California Department of Social Services, they must submit a new county plan. Changes to county HVP’s require CDSS approval prior to implementation.  (ACWDL, April 10, 2024.)