ACL 10-46: FY 2010-11 CalWORKs Child Care Program Budget Changes (10/18/10)

Information on this year’s budget impact on CalWORKs child care. The payment ceilings for license-exempt child care providers has been reduced, and the funding for the eliminated for Stage Three child care, effective on November 1, 2010. The letter indicates that counties must issue NOAs to the license exempt provider families for Stage 1 families, at least 10 days prior to 11/1/10.

Families that would otherwise have transitioned from Stage One to Stage Three directly, due to program barriers that prevented the transfer to Stage Two, shall continue to be provided through Stages One and/or Two if not more than 24 months have elapsed since the client left cash aid.  CWDs are also strongly encouraged to refer families for placement on the central eligibility list once a family is stable and transferred to Stage Two.  [Download]

ACIN I-18-10: Revised Child Care Services Notice Of Action In The CalWORKs Program: 3/30/10

A joint effort of the state, counties and advocates, here’s the new NOA (attached to the ACIN), redesigned to improve the form for ease of use and understanding. Also comes with a reminder that CWDs must issue a written notice of action to a client whenever approvals, denials, discontinuances or other changes are made to the client’s child care subsidy authorization or payment. And that the notice must comply with MPP 47-420, as well as adequate and timely noticing provisions at MPP Section 22-001, 22-071, and 22-072. Under no circumstance is verbal notification to the client acceptable as the sole form of notification to clients regarding actions taken on child care services or payments. [Download]

ACIN I-90-09: Title XX Social Services Block Grant Pre-Expenditure Report (12/16/09)

You can weigh in! This Notice attaches a report that summarizes Title XX expenditures, program responsibilities, and the population served. (These are Child welfare services, Foster Care, Community Care Licensing, Deaf Access, CalWORKs Child Care Program, CDE Child Care Programs, and DDS Regional Center Programs. It gets submitted to the federal Department of Health and Human Services. Comments due by December 31, 2009. [Download]

ACWDL 09-47: Access to MEDS for county child welfare services agencies (10/14/09)

Child welfare service workers cannot have access to MEDS because they are not authorized to view the Social Security Administration data that is contained within MEDS. They can have access to MEDSLITE. This letter provides instructions to allow CWDs to disable child welfare service access to MEDS and only enable access to MEDSLITE. [Download]

ACL 09-57: CalWORKs Child Care Program Budget Updates Regarding The Regional Market Rate, Restrictions To The Daily Rate Reimbursements, State Median Income, And Family Fees (10/6/09)

This letter informs counties of the prohibition on charging family fees to families receiving CalWORKs, including safety net and sanctioned families; and to provide infromation on State Median Income (SMI), Regional Market Rate (RMR) ceilings, and the new restrictions to daily rate reimbursements. [Download]

ACIN I-44-09: Child Care Invitation To An Early Learning Quality Improvement System Advisory Committee Meeting (6/1/09)

Want to go to the next Early Learning Quality Improvement System Advisory Committee meeting? It’s June 10th in Woodland. (The purpose of this committee is to improve outcomes for children and reduce California’s school readiness gap by improving the quality of our early learning and care programs.) [Download]