Proposed Revised Regulations

Proposed revised regulations are out for public comment, due December 29, 2005. The changes address: State Participation and Beneficiary Choice; Employment Network (EN) Payment Systems; and a new requirement, that an employment network report to the Program Manager each time it requests to take a ticket out of assignment. SSA also is seeking comments on four additional issues: (1) whether a beneficiary should be eligible for more than one ticket in a period of entitlement for SSDI or SSI benefits; (2) whether and how to simplify the definition of “using a ticket;” (3) whether the evidence requirements for EN payment are unnecessarily burdensome; and (4) whether there are any circumstances under which SSA should pay both Phase 1 and Phase 2 milestones to an EN for beneficiaries who assign their ticket after SSA has made a payment to the State VR agency under the cost reimbursement payment system. [Download]