ACL 11-58: CalWORKs: Clarifying Guidance For Changes To AB 98 Subsidized Employment Resulting From Senate Bill 72 (8/31/11)

A Q & A letter re: subsidized employment. Of note for advocates: discussion of work study and AB 98 eligibility; analysis of whether current AB 98 or grant-based OJT people can qualify under the new program; and a discussion of 2-parent AB 98 participant issues. [Download]

ACL 10-43E: Correction To ACL 10-43 End of TANF Emergency Contingency Funds Program And Resumption Of AB 98 Provisions (4/18/11)

An Errata to correct information regarding third-party funding for subsidized employment programs. Question 6 incorrectly stated that “in-kind” contributions are allowable for third party funding of wage subsidies. The correct answer is “more robust”: They are permissible IF there is a written agreement with the source of third-party funds, indicating the third party is aware of and agrees to allow the state to count the contribution of funds toward the state’s Maintenance of Effort (MOE) requirement, and that the 3rd party’s contribution is not funded through federal funds or through funds that are used or will be used to satisfy a cost-sharing or matching requirement of another federal programs. Phew! [Download]

ACL 11-32: CalWORKs Changes To Subsidized Employment (4/6/11)

The one silver lining in the budget cuts: This letter implements the changes to AB 98, which created CalWORKs subsidized jobs. The budget bill expanded the eligible population, increased the duration of qualifying job placements, and increased the maximum amount of funding. The new eligibles are those on sanction and who have timed out.  The jobs are generally capped out at 6 months, but there is an option to extend them to 12 months total. Counties can also provide additional services, including case management, supportive services, or mental health and substance abuse services, under their job retention services plan. [Download]