ACL 03-66 – Several emergency regulations (i.e. immediately effective) are out, and are described in ACL 03-66

  • Transitional Food Stamps (Reg Packet 1003-23) – Individuals and families losing public assistance eligibility remain on Food Stamps for 5 months at the last allotment level, without reapplying, unless terminated because moving out of state or for a sanction. The certification period is readjusted to the end of the 5 months, and the County is to send a timely notice regarding the need to reapply prior to ending the food stamps.
  • Face-to-Face interview waiver (same as above) – Counties are now required to screen applicant families to see if they need a waiver of the face-to-face interview. (Before it used to be when requested by the family, who, of course, didn’t know they could get a waiver.) The county is to grant, as appropriate, for hardship, when the family can’t appoint an Authorized Representative to come in.
  • New Vehicle rule (ACL 03-66; Reg Packet 1003-27) – The property resource for CalWORKs is now $3,000 for disabled households, as well as aged, and other Food Stamps car rules now apply and are reprinted in the CalWORKs regs. (AB 231, which would permit excluding a car altogether, requires separate federal approval prior to implementation.) [Download]