ACL 05-02 – Changes in Law Affecting Subsidized Child Care for 11 And 12 Year-old Children (February 2, 2005)

The new law provides for a preferred placement for 11-12 yo children, except for children with exceptional needs, in an after school program. (Children with exceptional needs are not prohibited from participating in these programs/changing their care arrangements.) The parent is to certify in writing that the after school program will meet their child care needs. Children receiving and/eligible for subsidized child care services shall continue to receive subsidized child care if the after school programs do not meet the families’ child care needs. CalWORKs families should also be informed if they choose to transfer their child(ren) to an after school program, and subsequently find the program doesn’t meet their needs, the family will receive priority to transfer back to subsidized child care as funding permits. [Download]