ACIN I-69-05 – More Information on CalWORKs for Katrina Evacuees (October 19, 2005)

This letter suggests that counties explore Diversion payments for evacuees, so they don’t use up their 60 months of TANF time; reminds counties that emergency and disaster assistance payments are exempt, so FEMA and American Red Cross relief will not impact Katrina evacuees’ CalWORKs eligibility. The ACIN also has some Q and A’s, including: evacuees are subject to work requirements and time limits, but Counties should make a WTW good cause or exemption determination as appropriate if the family is in crisis; drug felon and finger imaging rules still apply (but applicants are not to be made to come in to an office JUST to get imaged); though homeless evacuee families are change reporters for Food Stamps, they are quarterly for CalWORKs (though it is “anticipated that the majority of homeless AUs will obtain permanent housing via the Homeless Assistance program.”)