ACL 05-27 – CalWORKs Income Reporting Threshold (IRT) For Quarterly Reporting (November 1, 2005)

Just in time for the end of the year, here’s the 2005 IRT chart. Of more interest, the letter discusses the CWD’s obligation to inform Assistance Unit (AU) of their individualized IRT level. The CWD must issue an informing notice with the AU’s IRT limits (1) at least once a quarter; (2) at redetermination/recertification; (3) anytime there are changes in the CalWORKs AU or Family MAP size; (4) when there is a change of persons who are required to report income; and (5) upon recipient request. Additionally, the AU must be informed of the new IRT levels any time the IRT chart is updated. CWDs (1) the QR 7, (2) the Notice of Action used to add or remove AU members, or (3) on a separate informing notice to notify the AU. And for those of you into overpayment and fraud defenses: the IRT level the recipient was last notified of will be used for reporting purposes until the CWD updates the recipient of any applicable IRT change.

As a refesher course: The IRT is the greater of 130 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) for the number of persons whose needs are included in the determination of the cash aid amount, or the level at which an Assistance Unit (AU) becomes financially ineligible. Receipients must report going over the IRT mid-quarter (and not wait for the QR 7 due date). [Download]