ACL 05-35 – Interim Share of Cost Process For In-Home Supportive Services (October 28, 2005)

How the interim share of cost process for the In-Home Supportive Services Residual/Personal Care Services Program/In-Home Supportive Services Plus Waiver (IHSS-R/PCSP/IHSS+) will operate until automation of the Case Management, Information, and Payrolling System (CMIPS) is completed. Recipients will be receiving two notices, one from IHSS and one from Medi-Cal re: their share of cost. The letter has technical details about the new processes for “buy out” and “Spendown” as it relates to the new system and share of cost. If you do Medi-Cal or IHSS, just read this! It is anticipated that automation of CMIPS will be completed in late Spring 2006. [Download]