ACL 06-13 – Changes to Case Management, Information and Payrolling System to Ensure Medi-cal Share of Cost Compliance as they Relate to the In-Home Supportive Services plus Waiver Program, the Personal Care Services Program, and the In-Home Supportive Services-Residual Program (May 30, 2006).

The incredibly LONG title of this ACL matches the incredibly LONG ACL. 54 pages of details about the Share of Cost (SOC) issues stemming from the IHSS plus waiver. There are some key tidbits buried in the extensive acronym- and form-laden text, so, sorry, but you should at least skim it. For example, the Medi-Cal SOC “buy out” (where a person pays only the IHSS SOC and not the higher Medi-Cal one) is calculated only once a month, and once that’s done it won’t be changed for the current or prior months. Also, the IHSS SOC will no longer automatically be deducted from the wages. Rather, the IHSS computer system will check first for Medi-Cal Point of Service deductions, and then determine the remaining spenddown amount to deduct from the provider wages. This change in turn, has generated the need for two new notices: one to the recipient to explain how much is owed the provider, and one to the provider saying how much is owed for the work. Good luck! [Download]