ACIN I-40-06 – Food Stamp Simplification Options (May 31, 2006)

An unusual, early heads up from the state. The Food Stamp Reauthorization Act of 2002 allows states to simplify and improve the Food Stamp Program. California opted into certain programs, the policy changes of which will take effect October 1, 2006 (more info will come out August 2006):

1. Child Support Exclusion – legally obligated child support payments to a non-household member will be an income exclusion, rather than a deduction.

2. Exclusion of certain types of income and resources that are not counted under CalWORKs.

3. An additional resource exclusion to parallel the CalWORKs treatment of restricted accounts.

4. The elimination of the option to use actual utility costs, and the provision of a $75 Limited Utility Allowance for those households who do not qualify for the SUA (for those who pay at least two separate utilities other than heating and cooling, such as telephone, water, sewer, and garbage or trash). [Download]