ACIN I-18-07 Food Stamp Q & As (4/10/07)

Answers to questions such as whether you can budget the foster care income of a child on FS with the Foster Parent (as a boarder), to the parents if the child is returned home mid-quarter (no); eligibility for folks with temporary residency who have applied to adjust (no), Transitional Food Stamps when someone leaves to join another food stamp household (weirdly, you remove the person from the unit, but NOT their income — the TFS household must reapply to get the income of the absent person excluded), a reminder about separate household status for elderly/disabled recipients unable to purchase/prepare food; and various “how do you treat” sources of income questions (“Gate money” money given to someone leaving jail/prison, Tribal per capita payments, Veteran’s Aid and Assistance payments, etc.

A key answer: If a person gets CalWORKs Immediate Need, they are categorically eligible for Food Stamps, even if the CalWORKs application is later denied. [Download]