ACL 06-32: Additional Claims To Be Submitted Through The Conlan II Claims Process (9/13/07)

More instructions re: reimbursement for expenses during 3-month retroactive Medi-cal coverage period. This one pertains to reimbursement of IHSS recipients who have paid excess out-of-pocket Share of Cost (SOC) expenses.  The “complex issue” of IHSS-buy out cases will be deferred to a future ACL, but in the meantime, recipients who believe they have paid a SOC in excess of their obligation must submit their claims through the Department of Health Care Services (CDHCS) Beneficiary Services Center (BSC), unless it is a Buy-Out claim for reimbursement for the current month or one month prior. That category of buy-out claims is to be made bay the County using the Special Pre-Authorized Transaction (SPEC) created for this purpose. [Download]