ACL 07-31: Food Stamp Simplification – Clarification Of The $50 Child Support Disregard And “19 Year Old” Student Earnings Exclusion (9/7/07)

Another oops. Last August, CDSS provided instructions on the changes made to align Food Stamps with CalWORKs. This included how to treat the $50 child/spousal support pass-through and student income. Only problem was that the Food Nutrition Services said the state misinterpreted federal law, and got those two areas of instructions wrong. So, here are the corrected instructions. Can’t disregard legally obligated support. And, the student exemption is for children under 18, not 19. The correct policy is effective immediately and to be implemented no later than November 1, 2007, with encouragement to do it early to avoid QC issue and overissuances. (Although there is a “hold harmless” provision for following prior policy, and no need to do a retroactive case review.) [Download]