ACL 08-07: CalWORKs federal Work Verification Plan (2/21/08)

The ACL attaches California’s approved Work Verification Plan, and has a summary of the work participation documentation plan.  Comes with a reminder that CalWORKs rules apply, and any assignments are per the assessment.  All acitvities (except paid employment) must be monitored and verified on a monthly basis.  Documentation for unpaid work activities consists of a time sheet or the equivalent, which can be maintained by the participant, and signed by the supervisor, provider, or person verifying hours of participation. Counties can count actual hours of structured and monitored study time, if those hours are documented and verified. The countable study time is the actual hours, and is not related to whether or not, or to what degree, a course recommends a specified number of study time hours. Actual hours of study time must be verified using information that is documented in the case file or by contacting the service provider or recipient. Daily Supervision for educational and other activities is the supervision determined appropriate and provided by the training or service provider at the same level as other students or trainees. [Download]