ACIN I-05-08: Food Stamp Q&As (2/1/08)

Those Food Stamp people never stop! Yet another Q & A. The highlights? Restricted CalWORKs accounts’ impact on food stamps; treatment of child support arrearages; shelter costs when SSI recipient in household; impact of full-time post-60 CalWORKs months student on food stamps; BOGG student grants as exempt income; notice of missed interviews for recert.  Regs@ favorite? Can the county make a recipient go to court to recoup an IRS intercept fee, when the county erroneously sent the case to the IRS, and owes the claimant the recouped issuance. (Truth and Justice prevails in the answer.) Sadly, the Q & A also clarifies that the county need not investigated parole/probation violations if there is an outstanding warrant for these issues. [Download]