ACIN I-32-08: Extension Of Food Stamp Income Exclusion For Deployment To a Combat Zone (5/19/08)

The 2008 federal appropriations bill extended the exclusion of Combat pay as income for Food Stamps. Of note is that this letter clarifies that a household’s access to a service person’s bank account, under certain circumstances, ALSO is excludable as a resource.  The bank account does not count as a resource if the household can document “to the satisfaction of the County” that it’s access is solely for the purpose of paying the service person’s bills, etc., and the household cannot use the funds for its own purposes.  The letter lists as possible verification a written statement from the service person, a statement from the involved financial institution, or “other means attesting to the fact.”  (The funds are excluded under the provision for jointly held resources that are inaccessible to the Food Stamps household.)  [Download]