ACWDL 08-43: Eight-month period of eligibility and review of determination of Medi-Cal eligibility for refugee medical assistance/ entrant medical assistance beneficiaries (9/24/2008)

This letter clarifies that the Refugee Medical Assistance and Entrant Medical Assistance program (RMA/EMA) is a fully federally funded non Medi-Cal program that gives full-scope medical assistance through the Medi-Cal program. RMA/EMA only lasts for 8 months and counties must evaluate RMA/EMA beneficiaries for ongoing Medi-Cal eligibility prior to discontinuance. If a refugee/ entrant claims a disability the county must submit the disability evaluation as soon as possible to increase the chances that the disability evaluation will be completed by the end of the eight month period. The letter also discusses who can be on the program, lists which documentation is acceptable evidence of status for the program, and lays out upcoming MEDS changes. [Download]