ACIN I-71-08: Public Social Services For Cuban Entrants/Parolees (9/24/08)

New program, new refugees, new services. In August 2006, Homeland Security announced the Parole for Cuban Medical Personnel in Third World Countries Program. Cuban medical professionals and their spouses and children have begun arriving in California and some are applying for Refugee Resettlement Program services and public assistance. Eligibility for ORR benefits and services begins on the date of parole (located on the I-94 form). Spouses and children who are non-Cuban and are nationals or citizens of a country other than Cuba do not meet the definition of a Cuban entrant and are not eligible for ORR Program benefits and services unless they have another status qualifying them for those benefits and services, such as asylee. Cuban medical professionals (and spouses and children paroled as Cuban/Haitian) are immediately eligible to receive federally-funded CalWORKs benefits. As Cuban/Haitian Entrants, they meet the definition under the Refugee Education Assistance Act, Section 501(e) and would not be subject to the five-year waiting period for federally-funded CalWORKs benefits. These families are required to meet all other eligibility criteria including welfare to work requirements and reporting requirements. These folks also are immediately eligible for federal food stamp benefits as qualified noncitizens. [Download]