ACL 08-41: CalWORKs Welfare-To-Work Transportation Services (9/28/08)

This ACL clarifies when counties’ must review and update CalWORKs transportation reimbursement rates, and other state transportation support services issues. For reimbursing participants for use of a vehicle, counties whether using an existing county rate or a rate it develops, must cover necessary transportation costs based on regional market rates and should include the cost of gas, oil, insurance, license and registration fees, as well as a provision for normal wear and tear and maintenance.

If a county chooses to develop its own rate, it can 1) Establish a flat mileage reimbursement rate that covers all necessary costs; 2) Establish a mileage rate that includes basic costs (i.e., gas, oil, insurance, license fees) and also provide separate payments or reimbursements for costs such as registration, and wear and tear and maintenance. (In combination, the basic mileage rate and separate payments or reimbursements must cover necessary costs.); 3) Establish a two-tiered rate that decreases after necessary fixed costs have been covered, such as vehicle license fees. The lowered rate would cover continuing expenses, such as gas and oil. Before a county implements a new transportation reimbursement rate or changes an existing rate, the county must submit an amendment to the CalWORKs County Plan for state review and certification. The letter ends with a reminder for counties to pay transportation as soon as administratively possible, and the requirement of advance pay. [Download]