ACL 08-42: CalWORKs Program Implementation Of Homeless Assistance Changes (10/17/08)

This letter implements, effective on January 1, 2008, changes to the Homeless Assistance Program (HAP). Recipients can now verify Domestic Violence (DV) with a sworn statement made by the victim, unless the agency documents in the case file, in writing, an independent, reasonable basis to find the recipient not credible. The DV may be verified by a sworn statement for up to two periods of temporary HA payments and two payments of permanent HA. Further, the CWD will be required to immediately inform HAP recipients, who verify DV with a sworn statement, of the availability of DV counseling and services and refer them to services upon request.

If the CWD requires a recipient, who verifies DV by a sworn statement, to participate in a homeless avoidance case plan, the plan shall include the provision of DV services, if appropriate. If a recipient, who is seeking an exemption to the once-in-a-lifetime provision of HA based on DV, has previously received homeless avoidance services based on DV, the county shall review whether services were offered to the recipient and consider what additional services would assist the recipient in
leaving the DV situation. [Download]