ACL 08-59: CalWORKs Subsidized Employment Claimed Under Assembly Bill 98 (11/14/08)

The ACL transmits the newly developed reporting form and instructions to report on AB 98 subsidized work. The first report month will be January 2009, with the final report month, December 2010. AB 98 provides for reimbursement to counties choosing to participate in this program. (Reimbursement is for 50% of the CalWORKs recipient’s wage subsidy, outside of the county Single Allocation, when the recipient is participating in subsidized employment.) In order for counties to claim the additional funds, the county program must limit wage subsidies to a maximum of six months for each recipient and the amount of wage subsidies claimed outside of the Single Allocation may not exceed 50 percent of the maximum aid payment for the assistance unit of which the recipient is a member. [Download]