ACIN I-40-08: Replacement Of Defective EBT Cards (5/29/08)

Regs@ can’t explain why this 5/08 letter was just released on-line, but here it is…information to help ID clients with damaged or demagnetized EBT cards who need replacement cards. FNS reported that California has a high rate of manually keyed transactions by retailers. The most common reason for a manually keyed transaction is a damaged or demagnetized EBT card. Counties are strongly encouraged to replace clients’ EBT cards at the earliest opportunity and to educate clients on the importance of not storing their EBT card next to a magnet (?) or cell phone (!).

But never fear! The Office of System Integration has developed a Client Manually Keyed Transactions Report which is available through the Statewide Automated Reconciliation System. The report identifies clients who have five (5) or more transactions per month, all of which are manually keyed. (The letter ends here, but the implication is the county should check the card and reissue if needed. [Download]