90 day suspension of redeterminations, CalWORKs clock stop, and public meeting requirements

Governor Gavin Newsom has issued an executive order regarding public benefits programs in California.  The executive order suspends otherwise required redeterminations for Medi-Cal, CalWORKs, CalFresh , Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants, California Food Assistance Program, and In Home Supportive Services for 90 days.

The executive order also stops the CalWORKs 48 month time clock through June 17, 2020.  Any month or partial month of CalWORKs received will not be counted toward California’s 48 month time on aid limit.

The Executive Order also suspends any requirement of physical presence in the Brown Act or the Bagley-Keene Act for meetings or local or state bodies.  Meetings of state or local bodies held via teleconference and allowing members of the public to observe and address the meeting shall satisfy any requirement that the body allow members of the public to attend the meeting and offer public comment.

The body must have a procedure for reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities and advertise that procedure in each public meeting notice.  Requirements for notice of the time and agenda for meetings are unchanged, except that the notice of the time of the meeting must also give notice of how the public may observe and comment.  These public meeting provision apply as long as state or local public officials have imposed or recommended social distancing. (Executive Order N-29-20, March 17, 2020.)